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Caveat Lector!

Make sure you know what is and what isn't by Daniel Keys Moran:

DKM is not the author of The Flame Key or any other book in the Keys to Paradise series by Daniel Moran (they were in fact written by Robert Vardeman, who was using "Daniel Moran" as a pseudonym for a short while.
DKM says: "[...The Flame Key] came a couple of months before Armageddon Blues. He'd never heard of me (though I was a member of SFWA at the time) ... and once he had he stopped using my name. And I repeat: Not Mine. Never Was Mine). "

There is also no connection between DKM and Daniel Keyes (author of "Flowers for Algernon", "The Minds of Billy Milligan", etc). This hasn't stopped people from confusing the two of them, though.
DKM says " David Gerrold met Daniel Keyes recently -- and confirmed something that I've long suspected: Bantam does send him my fan mail. He sends it back, at which point they eat it -- I haven't received any in the last year and a half or thereabouts.

3-4 years ago the situation was reversed; I got his fan mail, instead... "

DKM is also not the translator for Carl Von Clauswitz's Historical and Political Writings, or anything else by a "Daniel Moran". All of his published works are under the name of Daniel Keys Moran or a pseudonym which bears no resemblance to his given name (c.f. J. D. Montgomery above). If there is in fact another Daniel Keys Moran out there - well, we'll work that one out when we come to it. :-)

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