A Brief Biography of Daniel Keys Moran

When asked to provide some material for this biography page, DKM offered:

However, he has also posted quite a bit of personal information to the continuing-time mailing list, which he joined in December 1994. You can check out the archive logs yourself.

until you do, here is what I thought was noteworthy:

November 30, 1962
Daniel Keys Moran is born. Almost nobody notices except his paternal grandmother, who has been waiting for it, and dies.
July 20, 1969 [Apollo 11 Patch]
Men land on the moon. This is Daniel Keys Moran's first clear memory of the outside world; sitting, at the age of six, on his father's lap, and watching on television as men walked on the moon.
In 1975, Daniel Keys Moran invented the Continuing Time. He sold his first story,"All the Time in the World", in 1980, and his first novel, "The Armageddon Blues". in 1986.

Anything else you wish to know, you should ask him.

If you want to see what DKM looks (looked) like, here are some pictures:

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