The Star : December 20-21, 2067

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     Milla said, "The guy called him Andrew Strawberry?"

     Trent said, "Yeah. You know him?"

     Milla and Jimmy started talking at the same time.

     Jimmy said, "He was my second-grade teacher. Before the Troubles, back in '62. He was lucky; he was on the other side when they put up the Barrier. We never saw him again --"

     Milla said, "He preached in the Flatbush Temple when I was a little girl. I never had him in school, but my sister who died in the Troubles, she had him. She said he was --"

     "-- the meanest man anyone ever saw. He was in the WFL -- he was a linebacker for the Beijing Bears for six years --"

     "-- and they won two Stupendous Bowls. He killed someone once who tried to tackle him --"

     "-- and he killed students who didn't do their homework."

     There was a pause. Then Milla said reluctantly, "That's not true. You don't know that's true"

Text copyright (C) 1997, Daniel Keys Moran.
Image copyright (C) 1998, Daniel Keys Moran.