Other Daniel Keys Moran Links

Matt Hart's Long Run Comic! Authorized by Daniel Keys Moran himself. Based on the upcoming TV series...

Ender's DKM web page. An additional perspective.

The Continuing Time Saga. A fan's listing of the books in the Continuing Time.

Jina Chan's Excerpts from the Continuing Time Series. Some good quotes from the books.

Manthey's excerpt from "The Last Dancer".

Bantam-Doubleday-Dell's Spectra FAQ. How DKM left Bantam...

A member of the New England Science-Fiction Association recommended DKM's "On Sequoia Time" for nomination for a Hugo! (Scroll down to "Short Stories")

The Alt.Cyberpunk FAQ List. This lists DKM's The Long Run as being a work of cyberpunk fiction.

HON: Daniel Keys Moran - A sort of tribute to DKM.

Uchronia - An Alternate History bibliography. DKM's "Armageddon Blues" is in here (with a good scan of the cover art)

There's also some cool links to DKM info on the Internet on the fan activity and reviews pages.

Bookstores on the Internet

People have had problems finding DKM's books - they are currently out of print. People on the continuing-time mailing list have had some degree of success with some of the following bookstore websites:

Advanced Book Exchange

Alibris Book Marketplace

Bibliofind Book Search

BookSearch, rare and out-of-print books

BookFinder Search

Future Fantasy Bookstore - Home Page An Excellent site, with many SF links

A Powell's Bookstore-New and Used Books

Dangerous Visions DKM is good friends with the owner of DV.

Dark Carnival

The Other Change of Hobbit

Gerry Kleier Books

"The Stars our Destination", Science Fiction Books

Adventures in Crime and Space

Amazon.com Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
The Last Dancer at Amazon.com
Emerald Eyes at Amazon.com
The Long Run at Amazon.com
The Armageddon Blues at Amazon.com
The Ring at Amazon.com

Tall Tales - Fine Speculative Fiction

Wonderland Books

Needful Books

A1 Books

Publishers on the Internet

Bantam: Spectra (DKM's former publisher)

Del Rey Books: (Perhaps DKM's future publisher?)

Tor Books has a great website.

Baen Books is also a good place to visit.


SFF Net. Some of the most important resources for science-fiction on the net, including the frighteningly thorough Locus index of Science-Fiction and Fantasy.

Books.com, contains much information about many different authors

Science-Fiction Writers of America, of which DKM is of course a member.

New England Science-Fiction Association.

Linköping Science Fiction Archive

The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List - vote for your favorite SF book.

The Internet Book Information Center

Science Fiction Resource Guide. The best links for the best SF authors.