Trent the Uncatchable

Daniel Keys Moran explains about "Trent the Uncatchable":

"Trent the Uncatchable" is the name of the animated television series Queen of Angels is doing.

This show is going to happen, at least the pilot. The first season starts in December of 2067, while Trent and Jimmy and Jodi Jodi and Bird are still trapped in the Fringe, and covers the period up to their escape from the fringe. The first episode, "The Star," is scripted and, as a short story, is the middle piece in the EE/TLR Limited Ed. It's due in 1999.

Seasons planned:

Season One: More Than Human
Season Two: The Long Run
Season Three: Bordered in Blue
Season Four: The Last Dancer
Season Five: The A.I. War
Season Six: Crystal Wind

This is going to happen. There are no resource issues except time; the costs are within the range of what QoA can handle; and it's all I'm doing right now, and all I've been doing for some time with my creative time. And the day I saw Trent run across a building and jump to the other side of it -- or the sequence of Denice diving into a swimming pool where the play of lights is correct (a third-season sequence, but what the hell) ... I can't tell you what a rush that was to watch play on the television. The movement's correct in the jumping sequence, and everything is correct in the pool sequence ... and by God, we are animators.

I can't guarantee you'll ever see the entire series. Even with the amazing computers and amazing software we now have, a tv series is a group undertaking and it costs big money.

But the pilot will happen.

Check out out the sample images, movies and scripts.

Watch this space for more info on the project!

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Pool graphic
Denice diving into a swimming pool, a sequence from the third season. (64k jpg)

title img
The opening of the title sequence (3MB avi) or (800KB mpeg)

Episode: Pilot, "The Star"
A teaser from the pilot of the series.

Episode: 102
A teaser from episode 102 of the series.