Death in Thendara

Dorothy J. Heydt

It was almost totally dark in the street, dark as Zandru's cellar in the alley. Marguerida made her way by feel, laran, and scent. The hut where Tamiano had died was dark and empty, but a thin line of light showed under the next door down, that opened into the warehouse. Cold emptiness inside, and one Terran atom lantern, and one man. The door opened inward.

The first thing she saw was a small thing like a half-emptied sack, embroidered with leaf-shapes all over one side. A seam had ripped and spilled its filling across the floor. Even in the cold air, there was a faint smell of thornleaf.

The man had a blaster, and its muzzle was pointed at her head. "Get inside," he whispered in the spaceport dialect. Marguerida smiled.

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