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The Interior Life uses three different fonts, to represent the three "worlds" in which it takes place. The original Baen publication used fonts that probably looked fine to the typesetter, but were indistinguishable to the average reader. The online editions now display three fonts that are easier to tell apart. Which version you download will depend on whether your e-reader is a Kindle or not.

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The Interior Life Baen, ISBN 0-671-72010-4, © 1990 by "Katherine Blake"; revised edition © 2016 by Dorothy J. Heydt.

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Cover art by Bill Gill.

A Point of Honor. Dorothy J. Heydt. DAW, © 1998. ISBN 0-88677-791-7
Mary Craven is a champion jouster in virtual reality---but someone is trying to kill her in the world outside.

Cover art by Romas Kukalis.

Stories about Cynthia daughter of Euelpides:
Cynthia, physician and sometime witch, circles the Mediterranean just before the Punic Wars, pursued by Romans, memories, and vengeful goddesses.

Things Come in Threes. Sword and Sorceress I, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1984.
How Cynthia learned that the gods have a sense of humor, and got out of Margaron while the getting was good.

The Song and the Flute. Sword and Sorceress III, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1986.
How Cynthia met the last Siren in the middle of the sea, and how they both had the worse of it.

The Noonday Witch. Sword and Sorceress IV, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1987.
How Cynthia defended Syracuse from magic and murder with a gift from the city's patron nymph.

Ratsbane. Sword and Sorceress VI, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1990.
If you can't fight fair, bite 'em in the nape and shake 'em till their necks break.

Queen of the Dead. Sword and Sorceress IX, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1992.
How Cynthia found Death down a sink-hole and Virtue in the shape of a man.

The Gift of Minerva. Sword and Sorceress X, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1993.
A Classical whodunit in which the gods interfere as little as possible.

The Curse of Tanit. Sword and Sorceress XIII, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1996.
How Cynthia battled a goddess and gave as good as she got, but for one thing.

Vengeance. Sword and Sorceress XIV, Marion Zimmer Bradley & Rachel E. Holmen (eds.), DAW, © 1997.
How Cynthia walked the Paths of the Dead and learned that dead gods can burn.

The Sick Rose. Sword and Sorceress XV, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 94-113. DAW, © 1998. ISBN 0-88677-768-2
Whoever embroidered Sarah's bridal gown wanted to kill her with it. How do you unspell an enchantment worked with thread?

Honey from the Rock. Sword and Sorceress XVI, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 83-100. DAW, © 1999. ISBN 0-88677-843-3
Deep in the heart of her own shrine, a goddess is dying. Can a mortal cure her?

An Exchange of Favors. Sword and Sorceress XVII, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 144-157. DAW, © 2000. ISBN 0-88677-891-3
The god Mercury, ne' Hermes, wants Cynthia to do something for him, but he can't tell her what it is. And what's in it for her?

In the Sacred Places of the Earth. Sword and Sorceress XVIII, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 134-150. DAW, © 2001. ISBN 0-88677-996-0
From Eleusis, Cynthia descends into the underworld to bargain for her husband's life. If she can; and if he's there.

Lord of the Earth. Sword and Sorceress XIX, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 150-166. DAW, © 2002. ISBN 0-7564-0049-X
In which Cynthia learns at last what it is to be a magician, and what it is to be a god.

Blood Will Tell. Sword and Sorceress XX, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), pp. 38-54. DAW, © 2003. ISBN 7564-0142-9
Cynthia abandons her quarrel with Rome and takes a hand in the First Punic War.

Journey's End. Sword and Sorceress XXI, Diana L. Paxson (ed.), pp. 296-302. DAW, © 2004. ISBN 0-7564-0195-X
Deep in Avernus, Cynthia reaches the end of her story and finds a new beginning.

Stories about Valmai Tronsdaughter:

The Last Quarrel. Spells of Wonder, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1989.
The wizard's spell made Valmai sick and tired, tired to death---but she's not finished yet.

The Master of Kanthuri. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 17, MZB Enterprises, © 1992.
Valmai, dead broke again, takes a witch's pay to find out which of her colleagues is working the death of the Master of the city of magic.

The Little Pink Worm. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 32, MZB Enterprises, © 1996.
There are worse crimes than murder, for which (if the gods' instrument is clever enough) there are worse punishments than death.

As Three to One. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds Marion Zimmer Bradley and Rachel E. Holmen (eds.), pp. 270-287. The Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, © 1998.
How do you fight undead, with one trained captain and a hundred frightened farmers? How do you fight a whole army of undead?

Stories about Keighley Bracton:

Back to Basics. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 12, MZB Enterprises, © 1991.
The effects of hot weather and static on the Archetypes of Dirt, Purity, Creativity, and the Cat.

Growing Season. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 21, MZB Enterprises, © 1993.
The flowers could change color; they couldn't change the past. But they could get into your dreams like the crabgrass into your garden.

A Little Night Music. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 27, MZB Enterprises, © 1995.
A quiet fishing lodge, no radio, no TV . . . but late at night in Keighley's room, there's music in the silent air.

Screaming Bloody Murder. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 40, MZB Enterprises, © 1998.
You witness a murder that won't be committed for another ten years. Do you stick around to find out why?

Darkover stories about Donald Stewart and Marguerida Elhalyn:

The Sum of the Parts. Red Sun of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1987. ISBN 0-88677-230-2
A Terran spaceman without a ship and a Keeper without a Tower meet on a mountaintop with two half-wrecked planes, while Darkover goes up in flames around them.

Festival Night. Four Moons of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1988. ISBN 0-88677-305-9
To overthrow a madman with a houseful of hostages, all Donald and Marguerida have is a Mickey Finn and a little basic physics.

Death in Thendara. Domains of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1990. ISBN 0-088677-407-1
A whodunit that begins and ends with a smoking corpse.

Avarra's Children. Leroni of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1991. ISBN 0-88677-407-1
Civil disorder, homeless children, something strange in an abandoned mansion, and a goddess gone mad.

The Wind Man. Towers of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1993. ISBN 0-88677-553-1
Once there was a wicked laranzu who hid himself in a cleft rock. Once there was a young girl who lost herself in the mountains.

Stories about Mathali (by "Katherine Blake"):

The Death of Ranat's Pass, Katherine Blake. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 16, MZB Enterprises, © 1992.
Corus has thrown his brother's widow out of the house. Funny, how he was so reasonable about letting her take her dowry with her; you'd almost think he expected to get it back.

Penelli's Harp, Katherine Blake. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 28, MZB Enterprises, © 1995.
The harp was old, well-wrought, and beautiful, but it would only play sad songs. Heavens, you'd think the thing was haunted.

A Voice in the Night, Katherine Blake. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 38, MZB Enterprises, © 1998.
Love, hate, life, death, long-lived memory, and the power of silver.

Other Stories:

Through Frost and Fire. Sword of Chaos, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.), DAW, © 1982. ISBN 0-88677-172-2
Would you believe a Darkover story with no nobility, no laran, no gods, no red hair even? You would?

Moonrise. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 1, MZB Enterprises, © 1988.
The Best of MZB's Fantasy Magazine Vol. I,, Warner Books, © 1994. ISBN 0-044660-140-3
The first manned Moon landing changed Vilkas's life. Now, while war threatens, he's waiting for the Mars landing.

Paradox Lost. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 2, MZB Enterprises, © 1989.
The space-time continuum is tougher than you might think.

A Certain Talent. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Issue 36, MZB Enterprises, © 1997.
Barbara's problem is simple. Wherever she goes, things become real.

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